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Not what I expected

I would like a refund please, I thought I would be able to take a pic and it would look like a emoji like hers, but I don't want to add pics of hers on my pics.. totally confusing sorry. It would had been cool if it was the way I imaged it to be. Would like a refund. Thank you it's been a few day and I'm still waiting for a refund

Never knew what my texts were missing.

Well Jenelle, I seen ya wif a great idea. Whoever made the graphics did a great job. Would love even more with an update. Happy to see you building your empire, keep at it!

Love love love

Don't understand the I want my money back. This app is everything describe in your IG promotion. It's $2 bucks people. I love every emojis. I wish there were more of Jace though. Keep up the good work Janelle and God bless and protect you and your beautiful family always xoxo

Not what I thought it was

This app is so dumb not to mention glitchy. It's not at all what I thought it was when I downloaded it. Why in gods name would I want to put stickers of jenelle all over stuff. I thought you could take a photo of yourself and it made you an emoji. What a waste of money. Lesson learned 🙄

Love it

It's amazing I'm just downloaded already I'm happy to see teen mom 2 show back on soon 😍😍


Love this app! Works great and I love Teen Mom so it's a win win! Not sure what the other reviews were talking about, because it works flawlessly.

Love this app it's the best

Amazing app i will use these pictures and emojis often nice work Jenelle Evans well done I'm so happy you came out with an app. great job Jenelle Evans I love it. Your fan forever Sarah

Awesome App!

I love this emoji app! So many fun faces! I recommend this to all her fans! 5 stars!!

Everything a Jenelle fan can ask for!

I cant say enough how much I LOVE these emojis! So glad Jenelle has decided to do these😎👍.

Zero stars

Can I have my money back please. It's not an emoji if you have to save it to your phone just to send it as a picture!!! Epic fail junknelle And no emojis are buttons you press and the picture goes with the words you type. This app requires you to save them to your device as a picture then paste it to what you want it to. There is NO dragging it to the screen. Maybe you need to learn how your own app works


Out of all the keyboards these days this is my favorite! Been using daily!

Amazing App

Love Love Love this app!! Great job Jenelle! The first from the teen moms crew to do it!! I can't wait for all the additional updates and packs to come!! Your app is better than kim Kardashian kimojis!!


I cannot make this stupid emoji app work properly. It wants you to send them as a picture. While touted as having 100's of images it has barely 50 HALF of which are absolute trash. It's basically images taken from her Instagram that have zero relevance the world outside of her life. Absolutely worthless and wish I could get my two dollars back. This app does not have custody of one of its children. While bein' a felon ain't illegal- this app should be.

Something's missing

I'm a Teen Mom 2 fan and I especially enjoy Miss Jenelle Evans!! How could you possibly leave out her most ICONIC catch phrase?!?! Give me a speech bubble and a selfie of Jenelle herself saying "GOD DUDE" and you'll get your 5 stars!

It's Ke$ha

So many great show moments transformed into these stickers! Great idea for her fans. Love the Photo Booth feature! #teamjenelle

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